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All photographs and other media are owned by Urbex Photography unless stated otherwise and must not be used for any purpose.

Urbex Photography does not condone or encourage trespassing, breaking criminal law or unsafe behaviour. We will not be held responsible for any injuries or deaths that may occur as a result of imitating our work.

No criminal laws are broken by Urbex Photography. We do not force entry into buildings nor cause any damage.

We often receive many emails asking us for more information about what we do. Some of these, naturally, are worried about criminal laws that may be broken and whether we break into buildings to photograph them.

To help, we’ve answered some of the most common questions below but of course, if there’s anything else you would like to know, just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to have a chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Urbex Photography and what do you do?

We are a small team of people that are dedicated to documenting our historic buildings that have been forgotten about and left decaying. We research and visit abandoned, derelict and disused buildings around the UK, photographing our visit to share the memories left behind with you. From time to time we also film at locations to give you even more of a personal feeling from the inside.

Can I buy your photographs?

All of our photographs are available to purchase for personal or commercial use. Our pricing is very competitive and starts at just £5! For more information or to purchase, please contact us by emailing your request to: shop@urbexphotography.co.uk.

Do you break any laws?

Yes and no… We don’t break any criminal laws as trespass within the UK is currently a civil offence. We generally don’t have permission to visit the sites that we do because tracing the owners is often very difficult to do. We are very careful when visiting derelict buildings to ensure that no damage is caused, nothing is taken or left behind. We never force our way into a building and if we can’t gain peaceful entry, we walk away.

I’m a property owner, How can I have my property removed from your site?

If you own a property that we have documented and would like the photographs removed from our website, please contact us at: legal@urbexphotography.co.uk to discuss the matter. We generally won’t remove photographs from our website unless there is a compelling reason to do so. We will however consider all requests on an individual basis.

Can you help keep my vacant property secure?

Quite often security companies will suggest a plan to prevent trespassers which may include manned guards. Whilst this is a deterrent, it does not prevent people entering your vacant derelict property. Urbex Photography are more than happy to assist providing information along with a breach test on your property. For more information, please contact us at: security@urbexphotography.co.uk

Can you tell me where a location is?

We don’t share information with people that we don’t know and therefore can’t trust. We’ve grown to know that derelict buildings attract unwanted attention from metal thieves and vandals.  Most of our reports provide the name of the location in order to preserve an accurate history so if this isn’t enough for you then maybe find an alternative type of photography.